Courtney Handley


Botanical Gardens || Maldon

My Journal

Barnaby and Laf. This is a wedding I will never forget! All they ever wanted was for me to capture as many moments as possible of their family and friends having a good time! Nothing was too serious for them, they just wanted to celebrate with everyone and that was their priority at the Botanical Gardens in Maldon.

It was absolutely freezing in Maldon! At the end of March too… who would have thought? But they were prepared! Heaters, blankets and food and drink always coming, everyone had their time of their lives. When it came to decor, everything was a statement. From vintage lounges at the ceremony, Queen Elizabeth print on the stage, giant leopard out the front of the reception and handmade finger casts as gifts for the guests. Everything had a purpose! I loved every minute of it!

Thank you Barnaby and Laf for including me into your fold and allowing me to capture YOUR day!

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